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About cocaine

Cocaine (benzoylmethyl ecgonine) is crystalline tropane alkaloid substance derived from the leaves of the Coca plant (Erythroxylon coca) which grows in South America. Cocaine is usually sold in the form of a white powder. In Western countries, the term for cocaine among others Cracks, PCP, Snow White, Gummies, and others. In Indonesia, cocaine known as heroin. Cocaine is commonly used with inhaled through the mouth or nose and injected. Cocaine is central nervous system stimulatory. Cocaine is one of the addictive substance or can lead to addiction. Selling and using cocaine illegally violate the law, while the sale and use of cocaine for medical purposes (eg ENT surgery) is not prohibited by a certain amount.

Cocaine comes from the leaves of the Coca plant (Erythroxylon coca) is only found in the South American region. Therefore, the empowerment of cocaine tend to be in the region of South America, but cocaine can be developed and cultivated outside of South America. However, cocaine is a fragile plant that is very rare to smuggle cocaine out of South America in the form of plants, the Mafia smuggle cocaine in powder form (ready to eat).

In the medical world, used cocaine as an anesthetic or painkillers in ENT surgery (ear, nose, and throat). However, the use of cocaine for this rarely used due to the long-term side effects that will be caused. Doctors tend to choose alternatives in the form of drugs that are safer, though more expensive.

Aztecs in South America exceptional chewing Coca leaves (such as Indonesian people chewing betel dau). They believe that chewing Coca leaves nutritious whiten and strengthen teeth, increase energy and stamina, and can relieve tired and hungry. Not surprisingly, given the nature of cocaine stimulates the central nervous system.

A chemical scientists from Italy, Angelo Mariani, created branded tonic drink Vin Mariani (marketed around the end of the 19th century) by adding Coca leaf extract on the tonic, on the basis of the resulting benefits. Cocaine in the womb tonic is between 6 - 7,2 mg per 100 grams. An American businessman, John Styth Pemberton, make similar drinks in the early 20th century, with the name Coca - Cola, however, after the Agency the U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that banned Coca leaf extracts are sold freely, content on Coca Coca leaf extract - Cola eliminated.

In general, cocaine use through the mouth, nose, or injected. Typically, cocaine burned and smoked as a cigarette (with mixed with cigarettes, cannabis, or marijuana), is sucked by a vacuum (bong) mixed with shabu - shabu or methamphetamine. When injected, cocaine mixed with water and injected into the arm or neck.

Although Coca leaf extracts contain useful, but it is addictive Coca leaf extract. With constant consumption, cocaine can result in abnormalities in the body pecandunya. Nature of cocaine is to stimulate the central nervous system, so that cocaine can change the cowards into brave, quiet a lot of talk, and shy become more open. However, overuse shown to cause a criminal offense. For example, in the Southern United States in the early 20th century, crimes such as murder, beatings, robberies, and others, tend to be done by people - people who take cocaine. Since then, the National Agency of Drug and Food U.S. states for cocaine as an illicit goods traded throughout the United States.

Effects of cocaine addiction in general is damage to body organs (especially the liver, kidneys, and brain), euphoria (feeling happy excessive), psychosis, depression, as well as the most severe, death from overdose.

In the U.S., cocaine sold for about $ 10 for 0.1 grams, as well as about $ 20 for 0.3 grams. Mob bookie get cocaine at a price of about $ 50 per gram. In Britain, cocaine is sold at a price of 80 pounds per gram.

Airport - an international airport cocaine generally is mafia - mafia South America, for example from Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. They use heartburn (Spanish term for the distributor) to smuggle cocaine to Central and North America, Europe, and Asia.        


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