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Wearing a result of Cocaine

Disruption will be experienced when using cocaine:

  -   Feel uneasy.
  -   Feel excessive excitement.
  -   Felt himself more powerful and stronger.
  -   A lot of talk and conversation was not directed.
  -   Inability to concentrate and memory dropped dramatically.
  -   Apathetic nature arise.
  -   Arise maladaptive behavior (trait fear, suspected in others).

When addicts stop using cocaine cocaine sudden it will cause symptoms of cocaine drop syndrome. The characteristics of the syndrome are more exposed to cocaine drop:

     Dilated pupils (pupil dilation).
     Excessive sweating and feeling cold.
     Stomach feels queasy.
     Heart pounding.
     Increase body temperature / fever.
     Feeling of depression and insomnia.
     Retardaksi psychomotor (lost power) or in other words to be lazy and happy sleep.


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