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Treatment for cocaine addiction

Unfortunate fact about the treatment of cocaine and other drug addiction is that it continues to be used by people who are not addicted to most . For example , less than 10 % of people with substance abuse disorders and less than 40 % of those with substance dependence disorders receive treatment . The statistics seem to be independent of socio- economic or demographic characteristics other but seem to be associated with the presence of other mental health problems ( comorbidities ) .
The main goal for the treatment of symptoms of addiction ( also called recovery ) is abstinence , relapse prevention , and rehabilitation . When a person is addicted should not be doing the first of using drugs , it may be necessary to help avoid or reduce the effects of withdrawal . That process is called detoxification or detox . It's part of the treatment is usually done in a hospital or other inpatient settings ( often called detoxification center ) , in which the drug is used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and medical judgment can often be provided . Drugs used as part of a detoxification depends on the individual depends on the substance . As with many other drugs of abuse , the process of cocaine detox is the most difficult aspect to overcome the physical addiction symptoms and tend to last day . Drugs that are sometimes used to help cocaine addicts abstain from using drugs , including propranolol ( Inderal , Inderal LA , InnoPran XL ) , which lowers some physical symptoms associated with cocaine withdrawal , and vigabatrin ( Sabril ) , drug treat seizures .
Usually much more challenging and time consuming aspects of recovery from cocaine addiction physical is the psychological addiction . People who may have psychological symptoms that are less severe cocaine dependence may be retained in the outpatient treatment program . Those who have more severe addiction , had relapsed after being involved in an outpatient program , or who are also suffering from severe mental illness may require a higher level of structure , guidance and monitoring are provided in inpatient treatment center , often referred to as " rehabilitation . " After inpatient treatment , many cocaine addicts may need to stay at a sober - living community , namely , group - home setting where counselors provide support for continued peace and structure every day .
Another important aspect of treating cocaine addiction help family members and friends of people who refrain from supporting addiction addictive behavior ( codependency ) . Is a loved one codependent provide financial support , reason , or fail to recognize addictive behavior addicts , codependency shrink as friends and family is an important part of the recovery of affected individuals . Focusing on the role of cocaine addiction in the family tend to be more urgent when the person is a child or adolescent , given that people under the age almost always comes in the context of the family . Cocaine addiction treatment for children and adolescents differs significantly from that in adults by young trend addicts need help completing their education and attain higher education or job training compared to the addict who may have completed the parts of their lives before developing an addiction .
What are the signs and symptoms of cocaine withdrawal ?
Withdrawal symptoms and signs of cocaine include irritability , depression , abdominal pain , itching , problems with sleep , and the desire of substance .
What are the long term effects and prognosis for cocaine and crack addiction ?
Drug addiction increases the risk of a number of negative life stressors and conditions . Individuals who are addicted to cocaine at increased risk for domestic violence . Potential medical complications of cocaine abuse , especially when in the form of cracks , including tearing of the main arteries in the body ( aortic dissection ) , which is associated with very high blood pressure . Cocaine use is also a risk factor for having a heart attack .
For children who are exposed to cocaine while in the womb ( in utero / before birth ) , the problems that can cause has been found as early as the baby . In particular , infants with prenatal cocaine exposure has been found to be at risk of having problems with memory and attention . Children of preschool and school age has been found to be at risk of having difficulty paying attention and adjust their behavior if they have been exposed to cocaine in utero . Children with a history of cocaine exposed during the first trimester of development in the womb tend to experience slower growth in the long term compared with children who did not .
Even if treated effectively , the prognosis of cocaine dependence is not without its challenges . Recovery from substance abuse is usually characterized by episodes of remission ( abstinence from drug use ) and relapse .


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