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Effects of Drug Use - When we go to the hospital, the morphine type drug often used the medicine for drug resistant. If there is an operation for a patient, like it or not the hospital or the medical team will provide injectable numbness (immune) so as not to feel pain during surgery.

Actually, by definition drug itself is a drug derived from a plant or not plant, either synthetic or semi-synthetic, so it can cause a decrease or change in consciousness, as well as reduce pain for the user.

For it should only be used by the medical or medical teams and researchers in particular are useful laboratories to report the results of his research on the wider community. But unfortunately, sometimes even abused illicit drug use by a particular person or party other than interests.

Just as an example, that marijuana should be for the positive, because abused even become negative and not at all helpful. Therefore, marijuana is used for fun or euphoric moment to suck it like a hand-rolled cigarette made​​. Due to the broader irregularities committed, especially among teenagers, making marijuana included as a prohibited substance that is in a class with heroin.

Almost similar to marijuana, drug use such kind of white powder heroin, cocaine or morphine are used for fun moment. Through the side effects that cause euphoria and hallucinations, drugs like it even makes its like an unconscious person.

Or in other words, taking drugs is the same as the wearer plunged in obscurity future. Because the only happy moment obtained, but the effect of the mental addiction to danger of damage if consumed continuously would deprive the wearer.

The following are some types of narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances or drugs that are circulating in the community at large, namely:

1 . Cannabis / Maryuana / Cannabis Sativa / Gele / Joints

Plants such as these are widely used parts such as leaves , flowers , seeds and stems , initially serves to overcome the poisoning seasoning and flavoring . However, after much abused , a joint or gele is in the community known as slang meaning that marijuana , used as a compound for hand-rolled cigarettes .

The characteristics of the new people who use cannabis for the first time are :

- The eyes look red
- The body was limp and looked exhausted
- Eyeball be great
- Thoughts like dizzy
- There is an uneasy feeling , but from the outside looks happy

Meanwhile , the ill effects of consuming marijuana are :

- Comprehension reduced brain nerve
- Vision eyes feel blurry and vague
- Lack of concentration
- Supply of blood circulation to the heart is reduced
- Often seen awkwardly in the activities undertaken

As for addicts who feel comfortable in consuming marijuana , looks like :

- Sense of excessive joy ( euphoria )
- Confidence is increasing rapidly
- The sense of hearing is more active and sensitive

2. Morphine

Morphine is a kind of substance which is a blend of compounds extracted from opium by certain chemical substances for pain relief for patients suffering from certain diseases. Indeed, morphine can minimize pain, reduce cravings, and stimulate coughing.

It's just the side effects caused is no less bad that according to the results of the study were suffering from sleeplessness (insomnia) and nightmares. Today, the use of morphine in the medical community has been replaced with other drugs that have similar usefulness but friendly to the wearer.

3. Heroin

Can be referred to as descendants of morphine or opioda semisintatik the chemical processes that can lead to dependence and addiction is doubled compared to morphine. Heroin is widely used by addict by injecting heroin into a muscle or vein / veins in the skin, due to ignorance or a deliberate act to cause effects such as euphoria and hysteria.

4 . Cocaine

White crystalline powder obtained from the extraction of the leaves of the coca ( coca erythoroxylon ) can create a stimulus to the nerve connections by mouth or mix it with a drink that used the medical team in the world of medicine .

However, after arriving at the general public , it is being misused cocaine into a kind of substance or stimulant drugs by injection into a vein or inhaled from the nose with a small pipe . Similar to what is done by the Indians in the Americas , by locals used to obtain cocaine stimulant effects in the fight to his enemies .

Due to the use of cocaine according to research just felt a little while , which is not until fifteen minutes which includes a sense of fun, confident , excited , and increase energy and stamina . It's just a quarter of an hour after that , the good feelings will disappear instantly and turn into prolonged fatigue . In addition users can also experience mental depression and addiction to use it again , again , and again until death .

Psychological or mental effects obtained from the use of cocaine is :

- Hypertension
- Difficulty sleeping
- The eyeball becomes small
- Appetite is lost which causes the thin
- The heart beats faster
- Feelings of uncertainty and so on .

5 . Shabu - shabu

A kind of name that is synonymous with Japanese cuisine , but methamphetamine is called methamphetamine , is a white crystalline powder . Originally created in the late 20th century for people to treat hyperactivity disorder , that is, those which can not be silent.
But over time , even abused methamphetamine with aberrant usage . In Indonesia many celebrities , athletes and musicians whose career was destroyed by taking drugs of this type . Methamphetamine itself actually is shaped pill , but because many abused becomes the use powder using aluminum foil is burned and the smoke is inhaled through the nose using custom-made glass bottle called a bong .

Some of the consequences resulting from Shabu - shabu is :

- The heart was pounding
- Temperature rises
- Can not sleep until pale face
- Incurred high euphoria to hallucinations
- Appetite disappears
- Teeth become brittle due to calcium deficiency
- And , prolonged depression

From the explanation of the five examples of the type of drug , should be to avoid its use . In order , lest future generations later fall into darkness because it has become addicts that can damage the mental and moral .  


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