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What Is Marijuana - Cannabis (Cannabis sativa syn. Cannabis indica) is a fiber-producing plant cultivation, but better known as narcotic substances in the seeds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, tetra-hydro-cannabinol) that can make the wearer experience the euphoria (feeling of pleasure is prolonged without cause). Cannabis plants are usually made ​​into a marijuana cigarette.

This annual plant can reach a height of 2 meters. Leafy fingers with male and female flowers are on different plants (married two). The flowers are small at the ends of twigs. Marijuana grown only in tropical mountains with elevations above 1,000 feet above sea level.

Marijuana became a symbol of the hippie culture that was once popular in the United States. It is usually denoted with marijuana leaf-shaped characteristic. Besides marijuana and opium is also touted as a symbol of resistance to the flow of globalism imposed capitalist countries against developing countries. In India, some sadhus who worship the god Shiva marijuana use derivative products to perform the ritual worship of hashish by sucking through a pipe Chilam / Chillum, and by drinking bhang.

Since December 10, 2013, Uruguay legalize marijuana for sale and consumption in the country

In some countries this plant is classified as a narcotic , though not proven that the wearer becomes addicted , unlike drugs that use other types of materials of synthetic or semi- synthetic and damage brain cells , which is already very clear danger to mankind .Among cannabis users , a variety of effects produced , particularly euphoria ( elation ) excessive loss of concentration and thinking among certain users .

Negative effects in general are going to be lazy and users will be slow in thinking brain . However , it is still a matter of controversy  , because it is not fully agreed upon by certain groups that support medical marijuana and marijuana in general . Besides claimed as a pain reliever , and treatments for specific diseases ( including cancer ) , many are also those who claim a surge of creativity in thinking and in the work ( especially on the artists and musicians ) .

Based on recent research , this ( surge of creativity ) , was also influenced by the type of marijuana used . One type of marijuana that is believed to help with creativity is the result of modern hybrid " Cannabis Indica " which originated in India with " Cannabis sativa " of the West  . This is the type of cruciferous weed that grows in Indonesia .

The resulting effect is also varied to any individual . There is a certain class of effects that make them feel lazy , while no group has become active , especially in creative thinking ( not physically active like effect produced methamphetamine ) . Marijuana , up until now , has never been proven as a cause of death and addiction . In fact , in the past regarded as extraordinary plants , where almost all of the elements available to it can be used for various purposes . It is very contradictory and different from the effects produced by drugs and alcohol , which causes users become addicted to physically tortured , and even the act of violence and fraud ( a criminal act ) to get the drugs that man-made chemicals .

In scientific research methods systematic review comparing the effectiveness of marijuana as an antiemetic drug showed marijuana is effective as an antiemetic drug compared to prochlorperazine , metoclopramide , chlorpromazine , thiethylperazine , haloperidol , domperidone , or alizapride , but its use is very limited dose , because the number of patients experiencing symptoms of effects psychotropic of marijuana a very dangerous such as dizziness , depression , hallucinations , paranoia , and also arterial hypotension

Cannabis plants have been known to mankind since long and used as material for bags because it produces strong fibers . Hemp seed is also used as a source of oil .

However, because marijuana is also known as a source of narcotics and usability is more economic value , more people are planting for this and in many places abused .

In some countries cannabis cultivation is fully prohibited . In some other countries , growing marijuana is allowed for the benefit of the fiber utilization . The condition is that the varieties grown should contain narcotic ingredients are very low or nonexistent .

Before there is a strict prohibition against marijuana cultivation , marijuana leaf in Aceh become common components of vegetables and served .

For users, dried marijuana leaves were burnt and smoked as a cigarette , and can also be smoked with a special tool called a bong bulb .

This plant is found in almost every tropical country . Even some temperate countries have started to cultivate them in a greenhouse .

In Indonesia , marijuana illegally cultivated in the province of Aceh . Usually marijuana planted in the early rainy season , can be harvested before the drought results.

Yields of marijuana following form twigs and leaves and fruit flowers form small seeds . A mixture of leaves , twigs , flowers , and fruits that have been dried it is usually rolled into a marijuana cigarette . If the female flower is extracted , will produce concentrated resin called hashish .
Pronunciation in other languages

Other designations : marijuana (English ) , tampee ( Jamaican English ) , pots , maui wowie , weed , dope or green stuff ( English slang ) , a joint , baks , skab , jame , jankry , cikmau , ngombreh , or gele ( Indonesian slang ) .


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